Dr. Jurgita Katkuvienė

A. J. Greimas Centre for Semiotics and Literary Theory, Institute for Literary, Cultural and Translation Studies, Vilnius University

Assistant at Vilnius university and head of MA study program in Semiotics. Her research involves semiotics, structuralism, literary theory with a focus on corporeality in the generation of meaning, general theories of meaning, and problems in semantics. Recent publications: “The Plane of Corporeality in Greimas’s semiotics” (2018, Lithuanian), „Semiotics and Philosophy: The Ontological Approach in the Semiotics of Algirdas Julius Greimas“ (2018, English), „How a Lithuanian Transformed a Nazi into a Jew: The Forgotten Fantastic Satire by Ignas Šeinius“ (2018, English), “What does my body know about photography? (R. Barthes)” (2017, Lithuanian).